Dieppe – June 07

Boulogne to Dieppe 54 miles (total 155 miles)

The prospect of Dieppe did not excite me. It’s beginning to look like we’re touring cross Channel ferry ports. To be fair, this was not today’s originally intended destination. St Valery sur Somme sounded far more exciting. 3 miles of twisting channels that completely dry out at low tide and reports of an enchanting village at the other end, but the weather conditions could have made for a potentially disasterous mission. We left as the sun was scheduled to break through the drizzle at 0545 and on half throttle we covered the 54 miles in under 3 hours, just as the wind was picking up and the seas becoming bouncy. And then the sun came out to reveal a large centrally situated marina surrounded on the quayside by attractive old French buildings, and a working fish dock adjacent. A late lunch of sensational local cheeses (Neufchatel and Brillat-Savarin) washed down with beer and wine resulted in a slumber lasting most of the rest of the day. But we were up very early!

Dieppe marina
Grand bateaux des peches
A decadent lifestyle aboard Ruby


3 thoughts on “Dieppe – June 07

  1. Hi there Nanor and Bobby For some reason I can’t leave comments on your blog, as it keeps being awkward and asking me for ever more passwords, but I’ll comment here that your trip sounds luxurious, decadent, brave and good fun. So glad the new boat is working out for you so well.. We also think Dieppe is attractive. It’s no big tragedy that you missed Le Treport, as it’s not in the attractiveness league, and is a bit like Blackpool with fish, and lots of rowdy French, all called Max. Enjoy the cheese! Love M and F, in Mersea where the sun is out at long last! xxxxx


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