Saint Valery en Caux – June 10

Almost 82 years ago to the day, the 51st Highland Division were cornered in this little town with any prospect of a Dunkirk style evacuation scuppered by fog. Many soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. Today, as Tom Cunliffe says in his pilot guide, this is the sort of place that once visited, you want to return to again and again. It’s unpretentious, untouched by mass tourism and it’s little market, par example, honest, quiet and very French. Ideal for stocking up on charcuterie and wine, then retiring back to Ruby for the day.

By the way, 16 miles this morning, started at 7 and a gentle pace taking a couple of hours. Only wavelets so perfect conditions for croissants and cafe en route. No map to publish. Technical difficulties.

Leaving Dieppe
Dieppe breakwaters
White cliffs of the Alabaster Coast
The sea lock and bridge at St Valery en Caux
The sea lock and bridge at low tide!
The marina
Henry IV house
Delusional ideas
A proper skipper at work

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